Meet the entourage.

This wedding would not be possible without the love and support of our friends and family. Below are just a few of those folks you may notice throughout the event.



Hannah met Vivian at MIT. They eventually became roommates, until Vivian ran off and got married. Fortunately, Hannah and Rich think Aaron’s a pretty great guy. Vivian is currently working towards her PhD in biological engineering.


Hannah met Naomi through MIT Hillel, where they shared their love of civil engineering. Rich bonded with Naomi over their love/hate relationship with Troy, where Naomi was raised and Rich went to college. Naomi is now a transportation engineer.

The Family


David is Hannah’s brother. His first passion was the Mac game Dark Castle, but today it’s Anna and their son Elijah. He now programs for a living and manages to squeeze in a video game now and then.


Anna is Hannah’s sister-in-law. Yes, the name similarity is sometimes confusing. Anna and David live in a suburb of Boston with their son, Elijah. Anna is a computer programmer in Cambridge.


Elijah is Hannah’s nephew. He is currently a professional toddler and an amateur ham. He loves trucks, drill bits, and tinker toys.


Alexis is Rich’s first cousin, once removed. Her dream is to attend the Kentucky Derby, although we are not sure if she means as a jockey.

The Guys


Rich met Alex his freshman year of college. Unbeknownst to Rich, he was a member of the Delta Phi fraternity. After many trips to the rock gym, Rich finally realized he was being recruited. Alex now develops educational software in San Francisco.


Rich met Eric thanks to a mutual friend, Emily. During a call inviting Eric to join Delta Phi, Emily answered the phone. Rich later learned he had interrupted their first date. They are now married, and Eric works as an architect in Boston.

The Gals


Katy was the first person Hannah met in college. After a short stint in Philadelphia, she came to the realization that Boston is the place to be. Katy now lives ten minutes from Hannah and plans to develop the next innovation in robotics.


Hannah does not remember meeting Colleen, although she lived in Sargent Hall. One day, they simply became friends and not much has changed. Colleen works as a statistician in Chicago, where she... does statistics.


Hannah met Jen at Sargent Hall at the beginning of their freshman year. The first thing Hannah learned about Jen was her love of the song Sexy Back. That really stuck. Jen is now a lawyer in Chicago. Hannah believes Jen is involved in some sort of business law, but is actually not sure.


Julia is also a Sargent Hall alumna, where she and Hannah first bonded in the hallway during a blackout. She is the Outdoor Educator at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Julia is a pro at leading middle schoolers into the woods for weeks at a time and coming back alive.


Hannah and Elana met in Boston before starting Northwestern. They lost touch in Chicago, but reconnected junior year. Elana quickly became friends with the whole group. She recently finished law school and is interested in immigration law.


Hannah and Elyse first bonded in a Sargent Hall bathroom. They continue to have good conversations in strange places, although it has become more difficult given the 2,000 mile separation. Elyse now works as a teacher in Carbondale, Illinois.


Katie is from a small minority of Hannah’s college friends who did not live in Sargent Hall, but we forgave her for that. Katie is a veterinarian in Minneapolis where she specializes in removing dogs’ tongues from frozen poles.

Under the Chuppah

Rabbi Fisher

Rabbi Fisher is our wedding officiant. She has been an incredible support during this process, and is willing to answer any question - try her!


Aaron is Vivian’s husband. He spends most of his time replaying retro video games while avoiding sunburns. On the side, he's a lawyer for Raytheon.